Ups Drop Trailer Agreement

Tractor – A tractor is the aggregate that pulls the trailer. There are two types of tractors: axles with a axle and double. Axle tractors are normally used for pickup and delivery, while dual axle tractors are normally used for regular transportation. Dock – A platform, usually the same height as the floor of the trailer, where trucks are loaded and unloaded. Carrier Contract – The written agreement with a particular carrier, which determines prices and discounts according to the mode of shipment and the level of service applicable for the duration of the agreement. Most agreements are valid for 1, 2 or 3 years. Drop Ship – A shipment that complies with a written agreement between UPS and a specific sender that allows the sender to send individual packages directly to UPS at a given location. A unique Drop Shipper account number is assigned, which the sender uses only for the places of origin and destination indicated in the drop Ship mailing letter. Items of exceptional value – carriers are not responsible for „documents, parts or objects of exceptional value“ unless the items are expressly valued in published classifications or rates. Exceptions can be made through a special agreement. When an agreement is reached, the value of the items must be quantified on the bill of lading.

Items may contain gems, jewellery and currency. Many tariffs have restrictions on raw materials with values in excess of a certain amount. Under the Electronic Registration Warrant (ELD), air carriers must keep drivers and equipment in motion as efficiently as possible. Companies that want to position themselves as „shippers of choice“ are therefore looking for ways to reduce loading and unloading times. For some, fall trailers are an effective option. This approach is useful for airlines for two main reasons. First, a forwarder with no spill capacity must arrive in a defined appointment window to allow warehouse employees to load the trailer live. Given the narrowing of delivery windows and mandatory rest periods and other service periods determined by the ELD mandate, drivers can easily miss this window. The intention is not to launch a LTL panic. Many carriers do not have the resources or time to manage drop-off trailers.