Ud Service Agreement

Take a look at our wide range of UD trucks for sale. Find out more about our many service packages. Book for a service. Service agreements with the benefits of the original parts and absolute security control service and collect data on your fleet on the go to get increased cost control. This is now possible thanks to DEEMA services. Contract travel begins with the implementation of your personal maintenance plan, based on common and agreed information that reflects how you want to use your truck. This gives you a pre-defined schedule optimized for the waiting time of your truck. The schedule can be updated based on the actual use of your truck by connecting your truck to UD Trucks` telematics services. Managing a fleet is not an easy task, but with UD Service agreements, we can make it much easier while providing total security. UD SERVICE agreements offer options for a comprehensive preventative maintenance program for your vehicle, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a UD Genuine Service and UD Genuine Parts regardless of how or why. Your fleet will not only benefit from professional service and secure parts of high quality UD trucks, but also better cost control with our simple and unsusclused invoice and the help of our service advisors at all times.

With UD Trust, you can be sure with excellent service that keeps your truck in its best performance; You always get the best from the experts and products from UD Genuine Service and UD Genuine Parts. UD Services Agreements There are three service contract plans: UD Trust Basic, UD Trust Extra and UD Trust Ultimate. The UD Trust Service Agreement covers the annual and basic services your individual UD vehicle needs. These are all essential service areas, such as inspections, lubricants and maintenance parts. Below are examples of plans for UD service agreements. For more information, please contact your local representative at UD. Enjoy maximum service from our after-sales and maximize your investment. UD Trust is a full service contract specifically designed for you to help you reduce the total maintenance cost of your truck. UD TRUST BASIC The UD Trust Basic plan is designed to identify errors with your vehicle during routine maintenance operations and to inform you before the consequent damage occurs. The Basic plan provides protection against unexpected costs and costly outages.

UD TRUST EXTRA The UD Trust Extra Plan covers everything included in the basic program, as well as brake and clutch component repairs. The extra plan gives you excellent protection against unforeseen stops. UD TRUST ULTIMATE The UD Trust Ultimate plan is the most comprehensive of all ud truck service agreements. The Ultimate plan covers everything that is included in the basic and extra plans, but with the added confidence in repairs to electrical, engine, propulsion, braking and steering systems. This program may also include UD Road Support and additional UD Telematics services. To ensure optimal truck performance, only the original, high-quality original parts are mounted on your truck. This way, your truck always meets the requirements of the UD Trucks manufacturer, which means you get optimal service intervals and maximum reliability. Get your truck taken care of by our UD Trucks workshops so you can focus on your core business. By signing our service agreements – UD Trust – you make sure your truck is still running at full capacity. They also use the essential know-how and quality of UD Genuine Service and UD Genuine Parts. When you start this journey with ud trucks, you will get the best of our after-sales support and maximize the benefits of your investment. For more information on options, please contact your nearest UD workshop.

For more information about UD Trust or ways to reduce operating costs and improve the operating time of your truck, please contact your nearest dealer or sales team.