Tuition Grant Agreement Form

For more information, visit the MOE Tuition Grant website or email our Office of Finance. You will be pleased to know that your university education is heavily subsidized by the Singapore government in the form of a scholarship. The tuition you pay only covers part of your tuition. Tuition Grant is a Singapore government scholarship designed to help students meet the cost of full-time higher education in Singapore up to a maximum of 10 semesters. Permanent residents and international students must apply for a scholarship as part of their online registration form. If, with your Univeristy place, you are offered a scholarship, you must also accept the scholarship offer if you accept your place. After registering for EMS, you will need to register via the MOE TG ( online system and sign the Tuition grant agreement to complete the process. 1) Students with bachelor`s or higher qualifications note that scholarship rules may change from time to time. Singapore Permanent residents and international students who choose to host Tuition Grant must sign a tuition grant agreement that contractually commits students to work in a Singapore institution for a minimum of 3 years after graduation. SMU, NEIS, NTU, SUTD, SIT, SUSS and approved programs offered by the Special Polytechnic Institutions (FSIs), the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and the Lasalle College of the Arts. The children of Gurkha or Nepalese civilian officers who previously serve or have served in the Gurkha contingent are not entitled to the Tuition Grant.

However, you can apply directly to the Singapore Police Force (SPF) for the SPF Study Grant, which is similar to the Tuition Grant. 2) Transfers within the EMS or other tertiary institutions or re-admitted students funded by the public sector The online application period begins from 1 to 8 September 2020. Two safeguards are needed for the implementation of education assistance. They may belong to any nationality between the ages of 21 and 65 and must not be bankrupt. Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR) – International Students (IS) Students (regardless of nationality) who already have a diploma or higher qualification are entitled to a scholarship if they obtain admission to a course of the same or lower level in the Singapore tertiary institution, as long as they have not obtained their diploma or higher qualification through grants from the Ministry of Education (MOE) or the Government of Singapore. Students (regardless of nationality) transferred or re-elected to the SMU or transferred by other publicly funded higher education institutions are entitled to a scholarship up to the maximum duration of the new course at the SMU (i.e. 4 years/8 semesters), after deducting the number of semesters of the scholarship for the previous programme. The procedures for the signing of the scholarship for permanent residents of Singapore and international students: the number of semesters of the scholarship eligible for a new program of study – maximum duration for a new program – number of semesters of scholarship received for the previous program. In addition, Périmanat residents and international students who receive the scholarship are worked for 3 years in a Singapore institution at the end of the EMS. Those who are not eligible or who do not opt for the scholarship pay the unassured fee.

These students are not bound by the 3-year work obligation. For non-Singaporean citizens, a Grant Briefing tuition will be organised by the SMU Office of Finance – details will be available by the end of July 2020.