Title Ix Resolution Agreements

The college also reserves the right to appoint two or more persons who jointly act as auditor, auditor, administrator, informal resolution officer and/or mediator. The informal resolution process is a voluntary process that differs from the university`s formal investigation and resolution procedures under the University Policy for Title IX of Sexual Harassment or University Policy on Harassment, Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct. For the purposes of this trial, the terms „complainant“ and „respondent“ include either title IX of the complainant and a guarantor of sexual harassment, or a complainant and respondent under the Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Misconduct Directive. In place of the hearing process, the parties may accept the formal appeal decision by administrative judgment as an informal decision. The administrative decision is voluntary and must be approved in writing by both parties and approved by the Title IX coordinator in accordance with Section XV. At any time after a written notification has been communicated to the parties regarding the formal Section XIII claim and prior to the completion of a Section XVIII appeal, the parties may, with the agreement of the Title IX Coordinator, voluntarily agree to mediate, facilitated settlement or other form of dispute resolution to attach a final solution to clarify the grievances made in the formal complaint. The administrative adjudication under Section XVI.B is an informal solution. The specific method of informal resolution procedure will be updated by the parties and the Title IX coordinator in consultation. Prior to the start of the agreed informal resolution process, the Title IX coordinator sends a written notification to the parties: the investigation is the possibility for a party to provide evidence and other evidence that the party deems relevant to resolving the allegations contained in the formal complaint. Any party who is aware of the specificity and who has the opportunity to present certain evidence and/or identify certain witnesses during the investigation, and who chooses to do so, will be prohibited from introducing such evidence during the decision, without proof of error, uncomprepresented, surprise or excusable negligence. The college reserves the power to retain and appoint duly qualified individuals who are not members of the college staff to serve as college staff under this policy, including, but not limited to, Title IX, the coordinator, the auditor, the auditor, the administrator, the informal resolution officer and the appeal officials.