Pending Agreement Traduction

4. The EU and the United Kingdom are taking the necessary steps to meet their respective obligations to international climate change agreements, including those implementing the United Nations Framework Conventions on Climate Change, such as the 2015 Paris Agreement. „Support documentation“ (support documents) – is not limited to: original cheques, invoices, bank statements, receipts, contracts, leases and tables of working time or other data proving the actual cost of the organization. The term also includes cancelled cheques, bank projects and other forms of data in support of payments. 3. Pending a final decision by the competent authorities on an application in paragraph 1 and until a final judgment is rendered in the event of an appeal against the rejection of such a request by the competent administrative authorities, all rights provided in this part are considered applicable to the applicant, including Article 21 on guarantees and remedies, subject to the conditions of Article 20, paragraph 4. Notwithstanding paragraph 3, the United Kingdom may negotiate, sign and ratify international agreements in its own areas of jurisdiction during the transitional period, unless these agreements enter into force or do not apply during the transitional period, unless the Union authorizes its adoption. The exchange of letters of March 30 and April 19, 1977, amended by an exchange of letters of November 8, 1989 and January 10, 1990, relating to the arrangement to waive reimbursement of in-kind expenses, administrative checks and medical examinations, Date of entry into force unknown (until notification) or not yet in force, effective date: 01/01/1001 REMEMBERing the EU and UK intention to replace the „backstop“ solution for Northern Ireland with a subsequent agreement establishing other provisions to ensure the long-term absence of a hard border on the island of Ireland, 2. All agreements or decisions prohibited under this article are not automatic.

6. The EU and the United Kingdom reaffirm their determination to effectively implement the multilateral environmental agreements to which they are parties. CONSIDERING that it is in the interests of both the EU and the United Kingdom to set a transition or implementation period during which, despite all the consequences of the UK`s withdrawal from the EU, with regard to the UK`s participation in the EU institutions, institutions, offices and agencies, in particular the end of the mandates of all members of THE EU institutions, bodies and agencies appointed, appointed or elected as part of the UK`s accession to the Eu, EU law, including international agreements, should apply to the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom and, as a general rule, with equivalent effect for Member States in order to avoid disruption during the period of negotiation of the agreement on future relations. , „Ultimate Recipient“ – refers to the person or organization that has signed a sub-agreement and receives a portion of the contribution to the implementation of a sub-project under the agreement.