Multi Family Lease Agreement

The City of Portland`s Fair Access in Renting (FAIR) Ordinance came into effect on March 1, 2020. These new laws apply only to rentals within the City of Portland and essential treatments from the Multifamily NW Forms Collection were required to comply with the regulations. This lease is signed for one year. After the landlord expires and all tenants of the premises must sign a new lease. FAIR regulations radically change standard practices in the application process and the security deposit protocol. Multifamily NW offers training opportunities to better understand these new laws. Look at the education calendar here: each party that signs this rental agreement must keep an original document. NW multi-family rental forms are available electronically on the RentalFormsCenter`s traditional e-commerce or through the subscription service. M033 OR-WA Satellite Dish Installation Directive (multifamily m150 OR-WA Climatation M001 OR Oregon Lease of Several Families M516 OR Portland Safety Caution Release on Bail Rights M005 OR smoke detector / carbon monoxide M524 OR Portland State to Move-In M007 OR Oregon Multifamily Move-In – Move-Inspection (Not for City of Portland) 27 OR-WA Lead-Based Paint Disclosure (before 1978 Structures) M032 OR-WA „Lead in Your Home“ Booklet (before 1978 Structures) M155 OR-WA Smoking Policy Addend Si M126 OR-WA Safety Addendum M038 OR Mold – Mildew Addendum Please send one of the order sheets listed below with and we send your order to your indicated physical address (no PO boxes).

This is a rental agreement for anyone looking for an apartment to rent. If you have tried to find a single-family home or unit, this is not the right shape. It was designed only for tenants of apartment buildings. A multi-family rental can be a condominium, a mobile home or a co-operative, but never a duplex, a commercial, agricultural or other property. The three printed copies of the form collection can be sent to the Multifamily NW office. Currently, no in-person sales of forms are available. Please send your completed order sheet on Wednesday until 5pm until Orders are sent every Thursday. Take the next steps to save copies of paper forms. Form Name Statement of Deposit Accounting (Final Accounting) Extension of Offer/Increase rent Airtime Temporary Extension Rent/Monthly Taxes Increase Partial Rental Payment Contract Balance Notification Maintenance and Repair 24-hour Repair and Repair Inspection Inspection Checklist Single -Family Resident Vacating Checklist – Checklist Doorhanger s 30-Day Notice to Vacate Domestic Violence – Request for Early Release – 3rd Party Verification Temporary Occupancy Agreement Reasonable Accommodation Request/Verification (FREE FORM) Abandoned Property Notice – Deceased Sole Resident Abandoned Property Release Mutual Complete Release of All Claims Lead-Based Paint Renovation Acknowledgement and Washington State.