Meat Processing Agreement

3.5 The customer is fully responsible for all meat products transported by the customer to the Lorentz plant that are not fully unpacked and processed. B, such as reboxing packaged products in a non Lorentz facility. In addition, the customer is responsible for any animal, meat or meat product in a Lorentz facility that is negatively affected by a product brought by the customer. 2.3 The customer is responsible for any animal that comes with a zoonotic. If the customer provides an infected animal that involves other animals that are not in the customer`s possession, the customer assumes responsibility for the animals involved. In this case, the client undertakes to cover reasonable market prices for the animals concerned and all reasonable costs incurred by Lorentz for operating interruptions, including, but not limited to, the disposal of livestock, staff salaries, incidental costs of facilities, potential legal fees and loss of packaging or other materials. The duration of service interruption is the period between the identification of zoonotic and the resumption of normal processing activities. In the event of a disruption, Lorentz will do its best to resume normal processing activities. These are agreements for a particular sector with fixed terms of sale. Their sector must demonstrate a persistent labour shortage and comprehensive advice within the sector. September 17, 2019 „Labour shortages are a long-term problem for the meat processing industry, affecting our ability to operate our facilities on the desired capacity and completely process all products,“ said Tim Ritchie, MIA`s Managing Director.

„Meat processors are mainly located in the regions, so housing is available for overseas people. If meat processors have full capacity for the season, it will provide extra money to the communities in which they work. If the customer is taken into customer`s possession before returning the microbiological results to Lorentz (rolling release), the customer agrees to maintain the product until Lorentz is notified of a successful review. If the customer violates this agreement, the customer is liable for all costs, losses and damages incurred by Lorentz, including, but not limited to, the costs associated with legal actions, business loss and related costs or fines.