Enterprise Agreement Acic

The agreement, which can be renewed for a further two years, also covers up to 200 hours of additional service. The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission will use archTIS`s secure information exchange platform for work related to the development of the National Criminal Intelligence System (NCIS). NCIS will replace the aging of Australia`s Criminal Intelligence Database (ACID), which has been in use since 1984 and continues to rely on the green screen architecture to exchange and analyze criminal information and intelligence. The Kojensi Gov platform, hosted on Vault Cloud`s ASD-certified cloud platform, is expected to be used by all Commonwealth, state and territory law enforcement agencies involved in the project. Since then, the government has provided an additional $59 million for the first phase of construction, although the investment is far from the $400 million that the project is expected to be completed. The Canberra-based provider`s Kojensi Gov cloud-based platform is used by the Agency`s NCIS team to facilitate „safe cooperation“ with other law enforcement agencies. ACIC has developed the long-awaited system to „provide a uniform national picture of criminal activity“ since providing $59.1 million for one of the construction projects in the 2018 federal budget. The department, which was the first beta tester for the platform last year, began using kojensi Gov in September for safe cooperation with external government and non-governmental agencies. archTIS stated that ACIC chose Kojensi Gov because of its „strict security protocols required under the NCIS program“ and its need to cooperate with „geographically dispersed“ users. ACIC is the second federal authority to use the platform after the attorney general`s office acquired it. The funding followed a two-year program that tested a pilot system set up by 800 users in 20 law enforcement, law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

The agreement with ACIC, which originally valued $235,250, will support 150 NCIS members over a 15-month period, although archTIS expects the number of users to increase over time.