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Netflix uses a variety of methods to help our members find TV shows and movies they`ll enjoy. We not only consider all the ratings you can consider, but we use metrics such as viewing and search habits to determine which TV shows and movies we offer. These metrics are also used to indicate which TV shows and movies we want to concede or buy in the future. Regional tastesWe do our best to organize our service by region. For example, some television shows and films that are popular with our members in the United States may not be desirable for members of the United Kingdom, although they are both English-speaking regions. Multiple rights holdersMore than a studio or distributor may hold regional rights to a television show or movie. For example, we can sign an agreement with a distributor to project a film in Latin America before signing an agreement with the studio that made this film to be shown in the United States. Netflix`s original TV shows and movies are typically available at 12:00 p.m. .m Pacific Time.

The use of a VPN limits access to television shows and films available to all regions of the world. For more information, see TVSENDUNGen and movies via a VPN. Some agreements make all episodes of a season available at once after the entire season airs in the region of origin on the original channel. These other provisions (sometimes called „boiler plates“) are usually grouped together at the end of an agreement. Although a TV show or movie is a netflix original, other companies may have the right to broadcast it in a given region because the content was completed before Netflix was available in that region. How does netflix do it? Netflix pays attention to what people are actually observing to better understand what a member can enjoy and make personalized recommendations. Whether it`s the new series you see, how many episodes you stop, what genres you see the most, or which language you prefer, Netflix constantly uses the preferences of our members to offer TV shows and movies that we think they`ll like.