Acs Journal Publishing Agreement

Science never stops. Respecting the latest knowledge in your research community is essential to the future success of the publication. The ACS publishes more than 60 specialized journals with innovative articles from a wide range of scientific disciplines – the perfect home for your research. Articles may be removed for scientific or ethical reasons and requested by the author or editor,(s) but are eventually published at the publisher`s discretion. Articles containing serious inaccurate or erroneous data, so that their conclusions and conclusions cannot be relied upon, may be removed in order to correct the scientific data. When an article is removed, a notice of revocation is issued, containing information on the reason for the revocation. The originally published article remains online, except in exceptional circumstances (for example. B if this is legally necessary or where the availability of published content poses risks to public health). The ACS Mobile app offers a live stream of new peer review content (ASAP article), which is published in the company`s scientific journal portfolio. If a document has been rejected by JACS and the author wishes to submit a revised version, the author must first obtain the consent of the associated publisher who edited the original filing. If the associated publisher consents to the new filing (which does not guarantee final acceptance), the cover letter must expressly state that the associated publisher has obtained its consent and describe the changes to the manuscript and warrant further review. The manuscript is assigned to the same associated publisher who edited the first submission. The request for reconsideration may be rejected without further verification if, in the publisher`s opinion, no adequate new science has been made available or if the work is better suited to publication in a specialized journal.

Each newspaper as a series of instructions and patterns. Don`t be denied for poor fitness – refer to the author`s guidelines in your journal.